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People Powered Fair MapsTM is a national redistricting program of the League of Women Voters focused on creating fair political maps nationwide.

LWVRI Redistricting Position
2000 LWVRI Study covers RI Redistricting History and Law

  • Ensure that R.I. puts the power of drawing districts in the hands of ordinary Rhode Islanders and not legislators. Sign a petition and show your support for proposed amendments to the R.I. Constitution to create an independent redistricting commission at Redraw RI.
  • Read the House or Senate bills that would pave the way for an independent redistricting commission in Rhode Island.

Kick-off Event Feb. 5, 2020

Phil West, Jim Vincent, John Marion, Nellie Gorbea, and Jane Koster
Nearly 75 people attended the Redraw RI kick-off event for a state constitutional amendment (S 2077 and H 7260) to create an independent redistricting commission. The hope is to draw fair legislative districts with data from the 2020 Census.

The kick-off event sponsored by Common Cause was held in the library at the State House and featured the sponsors of both bills as well as RI's Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea and Treasurer Seth Magaziner.

Jane Koster, president of the League of Women Voters of RI, said in her speech during the press conference, "As part of our People Powered Fair Maps initiative, the League of Women Voters is dedicated to the idea of an independent redistricting commission for Rhode Island. We have spent decades watchdogging the current process and believe now is the time for change."

The event also rolled out the new Redraw RI website, an interactive site that explores why the Ocean State needs an independent redistricting commission and gives a timeline for what needs to happen.

Women's Wave January 18, 2020

Photo by Steve Ahlquist
With the theme `getting the vote out,' the 2020 women's march took over the steps of the RI State House to send key messages about voter rights, participating in the census and fair redistricting. Jane Koster, President of the League of Women Voters of R.I., was one of the speakers, and she told the crowd: "...The League of Women Voters is even more relevant today than it has ever been before. We encourage informed and active participation in government, and work to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influence public policy through education and advocacy."

She Continued: "This year our focus will be on People Powered Fair Maps, an undertaking aimed to promote the redistricting process that will put power in the hands of the people. We'll work toward fair representative districts. We'll engage the people of Rhode Island with forums, panel discussions and information on fair maps, and encourage the people of RI to participate in this political process."